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Fall Down Seven Times Stand Up Eight Distressed Dad Hat

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Product Details

Expand your headwear collection with this fashionable dad hat. With a slightly distressed brim and crown fabric, it’ll add just the right amount of edge to your look. For a quick and easy outfit pair it with slacks, your favorite jeans, and a sports tee.

• 100% pre-shrunk cotton twill
• Soft crown
• 6 sewn eyelets
• 6 stitched rows on the brim
• 6-panel unstructured cap with a low profile
• Seamed front panel without buckram
• Adjustable hook and loop closure

Size guide

A (inches) 19-22
B (inches) 5
C (inches) 7
D (inches) 7 ¾
A (cm) 48.3-55.9
B (cm) 12.7
C (cm) 17.8
D (cm) 19.7

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jon Swift
Don’t Give Up

Standard Japanese phrase of encouragement. Nice cap. Wearable.

Fall Seven, Stand Eight

This Japanese saying means to never give up, to be strong of heart in my he face of difficulty, to not be discouraged, to give life and everything you do your best effort in spite of setbacks. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!”

Wyatt Gibbons
Sorry Dave

It says “Fall down” seven times, which means you were at least somewhat upright before your fall. Fall down/get up = 1 instance. And yes, I suppose you do have to get up a first time, so if I get up at 7 am and stay upright until I stumble and endure fall #1 at 12pm, sure, it’s a helluva stretch and clearly not what the saying is trying to convey, but if it makes you feel better to count it, despite 5 hours in between, go for it. But you well know, as does everyone else, that’s not what the saying means - it means to persevere and stay strong when life challenges you and knocks you down and to get back up each time. Each time you are KNOCKED or FALL down from one of life’s blows, not when you arise from bed or a chair, get back up. I’m sorry you seem to take it personally, but the saying is mathematically incorrect, irrespective of the semantic gymnastics you utilize to try and spin it.

Actually it is correct

This is to offset Wyatt's garbage review. Additionally, Wyatt, consider that this function is binary - it only happens in pairs. Your math neglects to account for the fact that one must first stand up once in order to get knocked down once (First stand up = 1, first knock down = 1, second stand up = 2, second knock down = 2, etc.). After the 7th knock down - you would indeed have to stand up an 8th time. Draw it out.

Michael Carver

Love it!

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