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Samurai Original officially released E-Gift Card which promises to become a unique and meaningful gift… for your loved ones. You do not need to have a headache thinking about the right gift or having to balance and measure according to your financial capacity. You also don't have to spend time searching for gifts or bulky bags. With the Samurai Original Electronic Gift Card, you can send gifts over the Internet with a message and the gift recipient is completely free to choose the item they want. Use the Samurai Original gift card right away, a practical gift in the 4.0 era. It is both a time saver and an extremely psychological gift.


You will get an E-Gift card in the way?
Once the order has been completed, an order confirmation email will be sent to you, along with the E-Gift card which has the code.
Please enter your email address or the email address of the person you want to give the gift to correctly. If it is wrong, unfortunately, please contact our Customer Care Team immediately at, so we can assist you.

How can you access an E-Gift card which was misplaced or never received?
You can click Resend gift cards from your order confirmation email. This link will only work if the order has been fulfilled.

Can an E-Gift card be used more than once?
Yes, provided there is still a balance remaining on the card. Please use all of it. We only refund 5% up for 50$, 100$ and 3% for 200$ and 300$ denomination cards.

Can more than one E-Gift card be used towards a purchase?
Yes. You can redeem another gift card during checkout.

Can an E-Gift card be used to buy an E-Gift card?
No, you can't use a gift card to buy another gift card.

Can an E-Gift card be used to pay for shipping and taxes?
Yes, E-Gift cards are applied to the final order total which includes shipping and taxes.

Can E-Gift cards be used in conjunction with a discount code?
Yes, gift cards are a form of payment.

How do you check their balance?
You can't check your own gift card balance, but we can check the balance and send the information to you. Please contact us whenever.

Can Samurai Original see the full E-Gift card code after issuing the card?
Gift card codes are considered a currency, so only you can see the full gift card code.

How long is the validity period of the E-Gift card?
The E-Gift card will expire on the last day of one (01) year from the date of card purchase.

Note: The E-Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash.
If you have any questions regarding E-Gift Card, please contact The Customer Care Team at

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